The difference between Footwork and Foot Usage

Lynn is telling us how she looks at footwork and foot usage. Is there a difference? Let’s find out

What it means to me!

By Lynn Harman 

Before attempting to give my take on the subject above, I feel first compelled to say that never in my wildest dreams  (owing to our enforced vacation during these strange times) did I expect there would be a time when the only “core” I would be discussing, would be the one in my apple! 

If for no other reason than that,  I am delighted to again once more, be discussing our mutual love of the art of Dance.

Footwork – This is uncomplicated and deals specifically with which “part” of the foot we are using to create the step.

Foot Usage – This is much more complex. The most obvious result of Foot Usage is the beautiful articulation of the feet and lines that we all admire so much in our top dancers.

The less obvious and therefore the less understood result of foot usage,  is “Foot Pressure“  – and how it relates to “Performance”, “Projection” and “Musicality”.

We tend to think of foot pressure as a means to maintain good balance but only when it is connected to the “core” and timed perfectly with the breathing, does it allow Projection, which in turn enhances Performance and Musicality including correct use of the arms.

None of these skills will independently take your dancing to a high level but when combined together are a winning combination!

Every part of the body is connected to the Foot Pressure in synchronisation with the Core and Breathing, without which,  we cannot produce natural movement and are left with an ineffectual and artificial copy of the “real thing”.

Keep working on that “connected” foot pressure and you will immediately see and feel the benefits.

Happy Dancing! Lynn Harman

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