Technique, a personal view

For Michael Barr technique underpins everything we do. Find out more about his thoughts here.
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A personal view, by Michael Barr

To perform any task an appropriate technique must be mastered in order to make the task easier or indeed even possible.

Specifically in DANCE, technique underpins everything we do. To start with we have the written technique of Ballroom & Latin American Dancing & this forms the foundation from which we may develop. The written technique must be understood & practiced until it becomes part of our DNA & only then can we progress to the more advanced techniques which may, with talent, enable us to become first class exponents.  

Ballroom Dancing should be made to look relatively EASY & NATURAL, & above all MUSICAL, & this is only possible with great efficiency. It is technique in its broader sense that gives us efficiency & makes ease of movement possible.  

So to summarise the bedrock of Ballroom & Latin American Dancing is the written technique, it is a launch pad from which to develop first class dancing, it is not an end in itself, but rather a means to an end.

Dancing must continually develop, & I would encourage all  aspiring dancers to embrace & enjoy this wonderful journey of discovery.  

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