The best is yet to come

Hans Galke is talking about chances that lie in these changeful times and his hopes for a new flourishing and ‘reinvented’ dance world
Hans Galke, picture by Enrico Stey

… a real chance to recreate OURSELVES and to shape OUR future

The last 24 month have shown our ability to adapt and change in unpredictable and difficult circumstances.

The enforced and subsequent impressive  “pivoting” has brought both new opportunities and challenges for all of us dancers.

  • Reflect to what is really important for US
  • Reset and change our old habits 
  • Reinvent ourselves 
  • Time to work in-depth and enhance the existing knowledge 
  • The reinvented desire to never give up and fight for our goals
  • Finding our “TRUE” selves with newly installed passion 

…. all of the above certainly taught us that anything is possible, but lets also not forget, it’s a marathon and not a sprint ! We are all in for a journey and it takes extreme dedication , commitment and a lot of time to make it to the TOP.

Let’s ALL return with newfound appreciation of joy, love and a reignited passion that inspired us to dance in the first place !

This “present of TIME “ that we all experience right now, gives myself great hope that our dance world will be flourishing and reinventing itself faster than ever before.

I can not wait until we all meet again LIVE , to witness all these newly developed and personalised performances, filled with individual characterisation of our young , inventive and enthusiastic dancers.

My wish is not only for all the active dancers , also to our entire dance community – the teachers , the mentors , organisers , organisations , dressmakers , shoe cobblers, scrutineers , judges ….  

a massive shout out to ALL behind the glitz and glamour of our beautiful competitive dance world ❤️

“ Let’s make sure WE have our say and let’s shape OUR future ! “

Hans Galke for B.A.S.E. (Body for Artistic Standards os Excellence)

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  1. TIME is a valuable commodity. We can use Time in many ways . I feel the need to listen more is valuable . Listen to the silence , the silenced ! Listen when someone shares their thoughts and don’t judge them , listen to them. If we could get more listening in our world we can all flourish together ❤️

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