Ballroom Dancing Annual 1949

PDF of a rare find “Ballroom Dancing Annual” from 1949

This 1949 booklet is a rare find…

Thank you Evelyn Hoermann for submitting it to us!
The introduction is by Victor Silvester and it contains articles from Alex Moore, P.J. Richardson, and Leonard Morgan on politics. This is the 3rd anual publication. Download the entire booklet as a PDF file by clicking the “Download” below.

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  1. What a wonderful article , knowing some of these people, which are no longer with us today. It was a great experience to learn from them as they were great masters of the art of ballroom dancing! There contribution is so great. It is also great to see the development of ballroom dancing to what it has become today as the finalists at the Blackpool Dance festival show so well for example. Yet the basic technique has not changed hardly at all, the amounts of movement and musicality is more developed and beautiful. Thanks again for all the hard work of making all these articles of Dance Archives.

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