Timothy Palmer 1934 competition and demonstrations

This 1934 film clip from London shows Timmy (Timothy) Palmer wearing no. 34 during a dance competition and also giving two studio demonstrations (wearing moustache) with second partner being (blond) Edna Deane his British and ‘World’ professional dance partner in 1934. He also won the London ‘Star’ Professional Ballroom Dance championship in 1938 and 1939 and his third British title in 1939 with partner Ela Spowart. He won his first British title in 1932 with partner Kathleen Price.

Timothy Palmer and Edna Deane, 1934
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  1. Lol on the swing step from Harlem….so hot! That was so tamed down and anglicized. I know I’m being super sarcastic, but seriously that such as step was considered too hot just shows how up tight they were comparatively. That is why Fred Astaire was so adamantly against English dance standards when he started Fred Astaire studios in 1946. When I interviewed Vernon Cassanave who was part of the original 46′ dance director training classes which trained directly under Astaire, I asked were the things that Fred valued most? His answer was simple, natural relaxed movement vs. the postured stiff movements being prepet;uated in England. This reminds me of the “Jive” introduction in the ISTD where they white washed Lindy Hop beyond recognition.

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