History of Ballroom Dancing Part I

With an All Star Cast of Ballroom Champions

Thanks go to my wonderful and enthusiastic cast that made this once in a lifetime History Show-Experience possible!

Order of appearance

Opening number dance: Allemande   

Maurizio Veskovo and Andra Vaidilaite

Francis Lafrenier and Claudia Primeau

Kamil Studenny and Katya Trubina-Maganova

Artur Adamski and Karolina Paliwoda 

Beginning: The distant past and the roots

Valera Musuc &  Nina Trautz                           (dance: Ländler)

Bryan Watson & Carmen Vincelj                        (dance: Charleston)

Kamil Studenny & Katya Trubina-Maganova     (dance: Lindy-Hop)

Wendy Johnson & Igor Suvorov                          (dance: Argentine T.)

Jukka Happalainen & Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö        (dance: Son/Mambo)

Rudi Homm & Viktorija Triscuka                           (dance: Milonga)

Allan Tornsberg & Vibeke Toft                             (dance: Maxixe)

Middle: Establishment of competitive concept

8   Peter Eggleton & Loraine Barry                            (dance: old Slowfox)

9   Lorraine & Neil Jones                                           (dance: mid 60s Cha-Cha)

10  Evelyn Haedrich-Hoermann (Opitz) & Bernd Hoermann (dance: 1962 Square Rumba)

11  Rudi Trautz & Nina Trautz                           (dance: 1968   Cha-cha-Cha)

12  Jurij Batagelj & Jagoda Strukelj  (Mick and Lorna impersonation) (dance: 1972 Paso Doble)

13  Maurizio Veskovo & Andra Vaidilaite  (Alan & Hazel impersonation)    (dance: 1981 Jive)

14  Kenny & Marion Welsh                                                     (dance:mid 80s Tango)

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