Technolophile Culture as a Deprivation Factor

Dance culture is a part of human culture. At all times the ability to dance has been considered a must for high society, cultured men.

By Leonid Pletnev

Dance culture is a part of human culture. At all times the ability to dance has been considered a must for high society, cultured men. Today, humans have become more and more isolated from the real world because of involvement with computers and the virtual world. How they impoverish themselves, those who engage heavily in virtual space! How many unique experiences and opportunities they deny themselves! There are many unsolved controversies happening which are not creating new knowledge or enriching nature.

This social phenomenon has changed attitudes towards dance culture. The isolation and impoverishment have caused many ballroom dance couples to fail to really feel the fundamental, organic joy in partner dancing. Still, those who once felt the call of nature are coming to dance schools or clubs, or simply stretch out their hands at the dance party, merged in a hug position to reach the highest of pleasures: the unity of opposites.

By the way, this unity is not necessarily built on parity. Each partnership has its own parameters and proportions. Some couples search for and find such parameters as mutual actions and those actions’ equality. They will eventually achieve harmony by performing their respective specific roles. Adequately developed male and female roles are an asset. And here it becomes clear that a major technique of interaction is not in the legs and body actions first, but in the correctly working mind. And if there is no order in it, it means no understanding of the laws of nature, and therefore there is no chance for success. “All our problems and their solutions are between the ears” (Leonid Pletnev, a book “With Reverence…”).

Man Not To Lead But Obey

The man invites a lady to dance and humbly awaits her consent (and sometimes disagreement), and after having pleasure, thanks her and hopes for another consent for the next dance. To be invited SHE must be attractive to generate interest and desire, and HE (to get her consent) must be properly educated, handsome, neat and accurate. And of course a man has to be able to dance the Lady! According to visual analogy, at minimum men must be able to correctly lead a partner by using basic techniques, but then also to do and understand more.

But only on top of the mastery he becomes able to guess her desires and to lead according to them, not even leading, but in fact obeying them. Not to command, but to serve a WOMAN! And isn’t this in fact the role of MEN? It doesn’t even matter to what they are dancing, as long as it shows how they feel towards each other. How SHE submerged in his commanding impulses, and HE focused on her reactions. How her eyes are sparkling, and hot cheeks are getting pink, how goose bumps of pleasure covered her wet-from-excitement skin. They touch each other’s bodies trembling from anticipation, breathing in unison and hearing heats’ beating. They reach the same wave – and the magic begins! In one moment they forget everyday troubles and problems. They all becomes unimportant and stays outside the dance floor. It is time for PLEASURE!

Queen Delegates, Prime Minister Pledges

A very important and essential natural right is initially distribution of roles in a partnership. Today’s generally accepted male dominance is a misconception because it is not based on men’s inherent initiative or demand. In fact, it is the proposition of women! Therefore, desire of a woman – the desire of God! Queen invites Prime Minister to the service of her needs, delegating him the rights to drive.

So, in the very first place SHE is the main element of the couple, and she naturally assumes her Prime Minister/partner knows it. Thus, initial decisions the man makes – on matters such as how to suggest his commands to her, so she will behave to help him fulfill his pledge to serve her – are possible only when all the following conditions are met: 1) the comfort and pleasure of his actions for her; 2) timeliness of entering commands, taking into account the time she needs for processing and acting; 3) uniqueness of incoming commands (if woman has a choice, as opposed to him, she likely selects something else).

This decision to delegate is not because of the woman’s weakness but her wisdom! It is based on the fact that having two opinions inevitably implies at least a slight disagreement, and at the worst a brutal war. The woman understands that she should work to satisfy man’s consciousness of quality. He strives to bring it about, using his own logical and analytical capabilities to make physical and metaphysical calculations. These calculations are needed to prioritize his actions – and her reactions – in a limited time. In delegating these decisions to the man, the partner has entrusted the task for both of them as a couple.

Her Sensuality as a Nod, Her Smile as a Goal

For her part, she offers a natural feminine characteristics: sensuality (The man’s sensual characteristics in general are no comparison to those of the females’ in their depth.). This sensuality underwrites her understanding in her task to follow. Therefore in the correct partnership there is a proper allocation of powers and responsibilities. No one is humbled: it’s simply that each gender has its own role and its own responsibility area. And the end result is achieved solely through mutual effort.

But how many “wrong” couples are there today at the competitive dance floor! How many of them seem to perform out of self-satisfaction and selfishness. You can see their constant dissatisfaction and frustration in their dance. Hence there is a lack of smiles on the faces of the dancers. Because the smile is a natural reaction to the pleasure, and its absence is a sign to the contrary. Through a smile, or lack thereof, judge can’t get a feel for their style and orientation as dancers. A woman is able to hide displeasure, but to hide the pleasure is not in her power! When a woman is pleasantly satisfied, it is certainly reflected in the smile on her face. If your woman is smiling, you have reached a goal. The smile of a woman is the best compliment to the man and the recognition of his outstanding abilities and skills, as well as the highest award. She will say “yes” for next dance again, for sure!

So, my dear readers, let’s get pleased with each other and dance with love, if you want to achieve real pleasure! – Smile!

With Reverence,
Leonid Pletnev

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