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The heart of the dancer lies within the story line. You have to look and you have to find and discover it. That's what it's all about. It's all about your journey. You must find it in yourself, then take the viewers into the ride, so your dancing must be sincere and fully open. No masks, no hidden agenda
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From conscious movement to unconscious movement

By Jean Dorff There is a constant process of motions in our bodies such as breathing, bloodstream, lymph system etcetera. The majority of motions in our body are beyond most people's ability to control. Although we can bring these movements to a level of consciousness, most of us can only control them to some extent, if at all.
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The Physics of Dance

By Kenneth Law As philosopher Suzanne Langer put it: "In watching a dance, you do not see what is physically before you — people running around or twisting their bodies; what you see is a display of interacting forces... But these forces... are not the physical forces of the dancer's muscles... The forces we seem to perceive most directly and convincingly are created for our perception; and they exist only for it."
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Evolution versus Design

By Fred Bijster Dancing (in any form) is the result of our cultural evolution, not of design. Hence the importance of historical and cultural knowledge in evaluations (judging). Hence the danger of treating dancers like machines and dancing like a result of a logical process.