Thoughts on Technique

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By Alan and Hazel Fletcher

We totally understand the necessity of a technique book as a guide for all. We have never been slaves to all within the book; we believe the predominance is open to development.

BUT – When it comes to footwork there are certain steps that are being totally abused by the majority of dancers today. The third step of Whisks, and Promenade to Counter Promenade Runs in Samba are an example of that fact that if the heel does not release to the floor the entire action is curbed and the preparation for the next step impossible to be danced from the correct source. Similarly Voltas often witnessed with no heel release are totally unacceptable. The technique book says “Ball Flat” and that should be a “Must.”

Similarly we abhor Jive danced only on the balls of the feet. Again there is a strong reason that the third step of every chasse should be finished with the heel on the floor. For this point we are a stickler to the rules of the “Technique!”

Alan and Hazel Fletcher

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