Learning levels

Find out from Domen Krapez about his notes on the different levels of learning

By Domen Krapez                                                                                                                

I have found this in my old notes..I don’t know who wrote it.

Beginner: A Beginner is an individual, who knows and practices the steps and the movement. The Beginner is a follower of technique and is also able to understand the meaning of distance, balance, physical training methods and of a very high discipline. At this stage, a disciple of the art has a great motivation to go to the training and is thinking, that is a crime and a loosing of honour, not to go to the training. Most of all people, who start to study the art, will never raise above this level.

Advance disciple:
An advance disciple is blessed to see, give and feel pure might. At this stage,time,space and emotions are able to be changed by student of the art. The scholar is now able to see the true meanings of the art and need not to go to every training, but thinking about the way of the art every evening becomes a must. The student need not to think, the student just does. An advance disciple is able to use his knowledge also in other worlds, like in private life or in a profession. An advanced one believes, that some day, he will become master. There are very few of the, who will raise above this level.

A Master knows, that there exists no master. This way cannot come to the final end. This way is open ended. In combat, or in competition, there in no war, there is peace. There is no hate, there is love. A master need not to fight for win and need not to make a show to appear greater, because a master is great. The true understanding is, that an art is a way of life. Many people, also talented ones, claim themselves to be a master, but they have no idea of the true meaning of this level.

If all people, who hate you, say, that you are the best in this art, if all people, but you know, that you can challenge every wordly challenge in your way, if is not necessary for you to prove it, because everybody knows it and if you don’t claim yourself to be one, the you are the grandmaster.

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