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What makes a good or effective coach?

By Jean Dorff Understanding the importance of sport combined with the fact that the majority of athletes see their coach as the number one influential element in the their competitive experience begs us to look closer at the role and responsibilities of a coach
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Teaching methods

By Martha Ann Marie Harper Most individuals have a primary learning process of which four examples are given. While working on my Educational degree, a professor missed detailing one of his lecture points on the board. When I asked if he would write it out he commented, “Miss Harper, I forgot that one of your primary learning processes is visual.”
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What is Volume?

As it happens to all teachers and coaches, sometimes I am asked to help a couple achieve what another teacher or coach had asked of them.
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The Teacher Says…

By Fred Bijster A good friend of mine did primary school and decided that was enough. He was seen as “not one of the brightest” at school. At this moment he is a tycoon in Holland, advising companies and ministers alike, giving lectures everywhere and running some 20 companies of his own.