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Anthony Hurley talks about choreography, leading and the use of power
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By Anthony Hurley

Choreography: remember you cannot win long term on choreography alone. One must develop the tools of the trade as already described to be able to utilise the many beautiful figures available.

The choice of choreography is very important. It is essential that the figures are suitable both to the physiques and the standard of the individuals. All to often we see couples attempting variations far to complex and difficult for their standard. It is far better to do simple amalgamations well than difficult ones badley, creating bad body lines and incorrect technique.

Two points an adjudicator can see at a glance:

Lead: lead is basically the lady following the direction of the mans body weight.

Use of Power: A good man will always follow what he has led. Thereby, always supporting his lady.

The traditional art of leading is rarely used by the majority of today’s competitors,this, in my opinion is due to the fixed routine method of dancing, which in turn creates bad floor craft and little respect for ones fellow competitors.

At a higher level a lady will have course have developed the principles and qualities of how to react to her partners leads, his musical intepretation and his emotional moods of dance feeling.

Without doubt a lady can only be as good as her partner will allow.

This means a man with incorrect concept of power will only push his partner.

A lady’s job is difficult enough, but if she is led correctly she will maintain balance, feminine posture and ultimately will enhance the overall performance.

The lady after all, should be the musical and physical extention of the man.
Enough about the lady.

Great champions through their dedication and indepth study appear to move effortlessly and with great economy, they create an impression of musical emotion and carissma. An ultimate goal and example we should all be working for.

In the end they got their priorities right.

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