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By Martha Harper a new partner? What do you have in mind to find the right person, or more importantly, to be the right person? The technical requirements for partnership I will leave to those with the credentials of dance education, training and experience.
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She ain’t heavy she’s my partner

Many many times I have heard this from people of all levels. The cause of this I hinted at during my last article. Many articles on these pages are based from a man’s stand point. In this one I have tried to give the ladies view point as well. Normally this is on the inside of an open reverse turn i.e. an open telemark.
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The Mindfulness of We

We don’t like to be vulnerable, to risk being hurt or risk more hurt. We may become angry, leave the conversation and maybe the relationship, avoid the person, or numb ourselves in some way.
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Dance Connection

Connection is essential to all partner dancing and is the primary means to communicate synchronised dance movement between the lead and follow. Connection can be used to transmit power and energy as well as information and signals
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How Two Become One

The aim of this study was to analyze the role and importance of touch, visual contact, and weight bearing/giving (TWV), within dance partnerships. The dance styles observed consisted of ballet, ballroom, Argentine Tango, contemporary and contact improvisation.
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Leading and Following

By Benoit Papineau Done correctly, leading and following could, like no other, elevate ballroom dancing to the level of an art form.  Done correctly, leading and following could, like no other, bring an undeniable clarification of the equality of the genders.
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Philosophy of Partnership and Success

By Ketevan Zazanashvili Recently I watched the documentary ‘Ballroom Dancer’ starring with Mr. Kriklyvyy and Ms. Melnikova. This film inspired me to write a few words about my opinion on the partnership in ballroom dancing nowadays. First thought that came to my mind was ‘team work’. We as ballroom dancers should not forget that as a couple we are a team.