World Professional Championships, 1961

Results of the World Professional Championships of 1961, held in London, England

  1. Harry Smith-Hampshire & Doreen Casey, UK   
  2. Bob Burgess & Doreen Freeman, UK 
  3. Wim Vouten & Jeanne Assman, NL    
  4. Kevin & Shirley Gibson, Aus
  5. Siegfried & Anneliese Krehn, D
  6. Flemming &  Eva Hoerning, DK
  1. Bill & Bobbie Irvine, SA    
  2. Leonard Patrick & Doreen Key, UK   
  3. James Arnell & Jillianne Lavalette, UK
  4. Wim & Mary Lier, NL
  5. Wim Vouten & Jeanne Assman, NL
  6. Walter & Marianne Kaiser, CH
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  1. I would like details on the Dennis and Edna Murphy school of dance which was from Liverpool UK. Denis and Edna were brother and sister and when Dennis married my cousin Doreen Naylor they became dance partners and gave exhibitions of formation dancing at the Grafton ballroom in Liverpool which I used to attend in the 1950’s They also went on to give exhibitions of dancing on board a cruise ship/s for a time and are actually featured in one of the books written about Liverpool and it’s people. There were three books written and the title was Scouseology.

    Thank you Regards A Carlisle (Mrs)

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