A Talk with…Marcel De Rijk

This is the third of a series of interviews  called “A Talk with”. These talks are produced for our YouTube channel DanceArchives.


Marcel and Radna De Rijk from Holland have been the youngest professional dancers of their times, if not ever. Marcel was 19 and Radna 17. Find out about their remarkable careers in the 3rd of our video series “A Talk with” by clicking the play button below.

They were in all major finals and danced in 9 World Cups (Today’s World 10-Dance Championships) finishing 3rd at their peak.

Marcel is/was

  • founder and organizer of the Dutch Open 1974-2018
  • organizer of the Indonesia Open since 2004
  • award winner DANCE STORY 2014 (Moscow)
  • hon. President of the Dutch Professional Dancesport Federation
  • honorary Vice President of the World Dance Council (WDC)
  • 18 years Presidium Member and Chairman of the World Social Dance Committee

Thank you for your time Marcel!

Also Thank You to Martin Westphal for submitting the videos!

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