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Adjudicator’s issues

By Leonid Pletnev I made up my mind to write this series dictated by time, according to my own convictions of the necessity to express my opinion and at numerous desires of my friends and like-minded persons, those who are not indifferent to their own fate, the fate of their children, of our dance world on the whole.
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Thoughts on Objective Judging

By Fred Bijster To limit the judging of any performance to the objective and (by definition) rigid elements only would be an insult to the performer and disallow development in dancing. Apart from the pure fact that judging is done by means of our senses, in itself very subjective instruments to measure anything at all.
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What’s the Limit?

Graham Oswick asks dancers for their thoughts on judging higher levels of competition, with a list of responses. "I would like to know what the general thoughts are on judging higher levels of competition. What is and what is not acceptable? I am so confused."