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What’s in a name? By David Outevsky

What’s in a name? A brief review of the validity and authenticity of Latin American dances’ names in ballroom dancing. David Outevsky MSc, PhD Candidate York University, Toronto (February 2013)   Ballroom ‘Latin’…


Perfect 10: The samba By Rachelle Stretch

The samba – notoriously the hardest of the Latin dances – captures the atmosphere of Rio’s carnival. It brings to mind street parties, with loud, infectious music, bright colours and scantily clad passistas in headdresses dancing through the night. But how relevant is this image to the samba danced in competitive ballrooms today?


Thoughts on Technique by Alan and Hazel Fletcher

Alan and Hazel Fletcher We totally understand the necessity of a technique book as a guide for all. We have never been slaves to all within the book; we believe the predominance is…

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