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Just Dance

By Fred Bijster Animals do dance. No question about that. If you ever watched animal behaviour you certainly will agree. Especially in the mating-season they show wonderful and complex patterns of formalized and stylised steps and movements, interacting with a possible partner. A distinct choreography that must be followed in order to be “successful” (whatever that may be).
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The Teacher Says…

By Fred Bijster A good friend of mine did primary school and decided that was enough. He was seen as “not one of the brightest” at school. At this moment he is a tycoon in Holland, advising companies and ministers alike, giving lectures everywhere and running some 20 companies of his own.
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Thoughts on Objective Judging

By Fred Bijster To limit the judging of any performance to the objective and (by definition) rigid elements only would be an insult to the performer and disallow development in dancing. Apart from the pure fact that judging is done by means of our senses, in itself very subjective instruments to measure anything at all.