Take advantage of the opportunity to reach the dance community with banner advertising on the DanceArchives website, the online research archive for dancers, scholars and history lovers. DanceArchives enjoyed 5,000 visitors and over 12,000 page views in its first week alone. We expect an average of 40,000 page views from 12,500 unique visitors monthly.

Put your message in front of these people! is for all lovers of Ballroom dance and beyond. It is for all who have a strong emotional connection to dance; students of your local dance studio, your salsa-club dancer, all the way to the competitor on a world stage. The site explains how ballroom dance came to be, how dance “functions” and how dance effects you as a human being. Scholars and writers contribute with their knowledge; research is being revealed and discussed as well as the vast history documented.

Benefits of advertising on the DanceArchives website

  • Independent online magazine with focal point on history and scholastics
  • Clearly structured menus
  • Timely and timeless information
  • Frequently changing focal points
  • Heavy social sharing increases exposure to your messages
  • Informative and innovative reports
  • Detailed and competent advice from leading professionals for teachers and students alike.

Through its clean, eye-catching format and different presentation options, DanceArchives is a strong goal-oriented advertising platform. This is an excellent time to get in on the ground floor while number of impressions is rapidly increasing. Prices will increase as traffic grows. Lock in your rates to a 6-month term to protect your pricing.

Your Advertising Options

Four banner ad options are currently available. See the diagram below for more information on page position.

A Main Header Ad

This ad appears on the top right area of every page of the website.
Size: 468w x 60h pixels $99/month

B Sidebar Ad

This ad appears on the sidebar of every page of the website, in one of the top two positions.
Size: 300w x 250h pixels $119/month

C Lower Sidebar Ad

This ad appears on the sidebar of every page of the website, in a lower position, just below the “Recent Posts” listing.
Size: 300w x 250h pixels $89/month

D Home Page Banner Ad

This ad appears halfway down the home page content, above the “Editor’s Choice” section. This ad appears only on the home page. It does not appear on other pages.
Size: 620w x 90h pixels $49/month

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Assistance with your ad design

George Pytlik, the designer of the DanceArchives website, is an experienced online marketer willing to help you design an effective ad. He’s quick and efficient. Please contact him directly at if you are interested in getting help with your ad layout.

Ad placement guide

The diagram below shows the position of each of the advertising options listed above: