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Affecting Lives By Sophie Idromenos

In the course of our lives, we encounter individuals who affect us profoundly and perhaps we alter their lives as well. In my first education class in college, the professor presented a critical…


Barry Gasson on The Dumbing Down of Technique

As an Examiner, I find that few candidates have any understanding of why a movement is performed in a certain way. They generally can recite the technique as written in chart form, but do not know why some steps have sway and others do not, do not comprehend what a foot position is, have twisted minds (and bodies) as to the meaning of CBM, and generally have a far lower standard of technical knowledge than students had twenty, thirty or more years ago.


What is Volume? From Benoit Papineau

As it happens to all teachers and coaches, sometimes I am asked to help a couple achieve what another teacher or coach had asked of them. If the couple is a competitive couple, I am often asked to explain how to create more volume, and I always end-up with the same feelings and questions: Why would volume be so important? How can I help and satisfy this couple?


Teacher / Trainer / Coach – Who Am I? By Michael Herdlitzka

Many of us call themselves or get called by their students one or more of these titles. In most cases there is no clear picture of the differences and the appropriateness. Many have distorted or one-sided ideas about the different views, tasks and methods. A closer look at the differences.


The Teacher Says… by Fred Bijster

A good friend of mine did primary school and decided that was enough. He was seen as “not one of the brightest” at school. At this moment he is a tycoon in Holland, advising companies and ministers alike, giving lectures everywhere and running some 20 companies of his own.


Teaching: Tools, Methods, Discussion

By Richard Leblanc, York University, Ontario 1. Passion Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. It’s about not only motivating students to learn, but teaching them how to…

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