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It Takes Two To Tango By Keith Morris

It Takes Two To Tango By Keith Morris When I was competing what now feels like 100 years ago, Tango was at one stage my worst marked dance. So I spent quite some…


What’s in a name? By David Outevsky

What’s in a name? A brief review of the validity and authenticity of Latin American dances’ names in ballroom dancing. David Outevsky MSc, PhD Candidate York University, Toronto (February 2013)   Ballroom ‘Latin’…


Perfect 10: The tango By Nicola Rayner

 This article first appeared in a series called Perfect 10 in Dance Today (www.dance-today.co.uk) In the ballroom, the tango is unmistakable. Even its name – the hardness of the consonants – suggests a dance with…


Anthony Hurley on Tango

From Education Master Anthony Hurley Ever wondered why some couples have a natural aptitude for creating the atmosphere and control whilst producing the staccato action and reflex speed in anticipation of directional changes,…

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