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Cuban Experience # 1 By Brigitt Mayer

Here’s my take on this beautiful experience, as it appeared in Dance Beat May 2014 Download here: Cuban Experience I Dance Beat May 2014


Devotion to the motion suggest e-motion By Ruud Vermeij

Devotion to the motion suggest e-motion By Ruud Vermeij One of the pitfalls/problems in Latin American Competitive dancing is the tendency to emphasise the “narrative” element of a couple dancing together. The “male…

Latin blur 5

Discussion on Technique, by Ruud Vermeij

This discussion on technique was initiated by Ruud Vermeij in March 2011
 A group of questions were asked about technique, to determine how teachers and dancers felt about this aspect of dancing. Questions…

Ruud Vermeij

Gender Issues, by Ruud Vermeij

By Ruud Vermeij, May 2011
 Today, thanks to the women’s movement, society has generally embraced a progressive attitude toward gender equality. Yet, competitive ballroomdancing creating images of traditional, and unequal, gender stereotypes. How…


Why do we smile? By Ruud Vermeij

Often dancers feel the need to show happiness: a syndrome we have adopted from popular culture “one should be happy”. Of course in dance there is a theatrical aspect to it all and part of theatre is illusion, but have we gone too far?

Ruud Vermeij

Do You Accept Yourself? By Ruud Vermeij

A Powerful Sport Psychology Strategy is Self-Acceptance. You overcome your stuff by accepting and bypassing it by concentrating on the job on hand focus on physical experiences rather than mental occupation.

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