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Three weeks in Cuba (Pierre)

Who was…Three weeks in Cuba By Monsieur Pierre 1947

This is transcribed verbatim from an article that appeared 1947 in the Star Program (provided by Keith Morris). Video material: courtesy of Paul Harris Three weeks in Cuba By Monsieur Pierre PDF of…


What’s in a name? By David Outevsky

What’s in a name? A brief review of the validity and authenticity of Latin American dances’ names in ballroom dancing. David Outevsky MSc, PhD Candidate York University, Toronto (February 2013)   Ballroom ‘Latin’…

Lorraine & Wally in Action

A clip of a typical Rumba British style from 1963

The Latin dances reached Europe during and after WW II. Excerpt from BALLROOM ICONS: “England, beset with etiquette, tenets and rules of conduct, and the U.S., the land of freedom of expression, each…

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