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A time-motion analysis of turns performed by highly ranked Viennese waltz dancers By Jerneja Prosen, Nic James, Lygeri Dimitriou, Janez Perš, Goran Vučković

Twenty-four dance couples performing at the 2011 IDSF (International DanceSport Federation) International Slovenia Open were separated into two groups. Time and speed of movement were analysed during single natural and reverse turns performed during the Viennese waltz. The results are of value to dancers and coaches alike.


How Two Become One: A Qualitative Review of Contact in Dance Partnering

The aim of this study was to analyze the role and importance of touch, visual contact, and weight bearing/giving (TWV), within dance partnerships. The dance styles observed consisted of ballet, ballroom, Argentine Tango, contemporary and contact improvisation.


By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent and Argued by Fred Bijster

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent and Argued by Fred Bijster It is where many couples first set eyes on one another – and now research suggests that the dancefloor is the perfect place…


Existentialism, Aesthetics, Dance By Alan Salter

By Alan Salter In everyday life we find some presence of art lurking in many situations, particularly when we share perception and action in some kind of unity. Moving in the dappled light…


Creativity, by David Kirsh

We report here on an initial analysis of data collected in a lengthy ethnographic study of the making of a dance by a major choreographer and show how translating between different sensory modalities can help dancers and choreographer to be more creative.

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