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The Mindfulness of We, by Karyn Hall, PHD

The Mindfulness of We By KARYN HALL, PHD                               Certainly there are situations in which it is important to protect yourself…


From David Outevsky, The role of touch as a teaching and learning tool in dance

From David Outevsky,                             The role of touch as a teaching and learning tool in dance    - ‘Touch is the…


Via Paul Hughes: text from Wikipedia Dance Connection

Connection is essential to all partner dancing and is the primary means to communicate synchronized dance movement between the lead and follow.


How Two Become One: A Qualitative Review of Contact in Dance Partnering

The aim of this study was to analyze the role and importance of touch, visual contact, and weight bearing/giving (TWV), within dance partnerships. The dance styles observed consisted of ballet, ballroom, Argentine Tango, contemporary and contact improvisation.


Leading and Following, by Benoit Papineau

Done correctly, leading and following could, like no other, elevate ballroom dancing to the level of an art form.  Done correctly, leading and following could, like no other, bring an undeniable clarification of the equality of the genders.


Philosophy of Partnership and Success by Ketevan Zazanashvili

Recently I watched the documentary ‘Ballroom Dancer’ starring with Mr. Kriklyvyy and Ms. Melnikova. This film inspired me to write a few words about my opinion on the partnership in ballroom dancing nowadays. First thought that came to my mind was ‘team work’. We as ballroom dancers should not forget that as a couple we are a team.


Massimo Giorgianni on the Impact of Words

Massimo Giorgianni shares some thoughts on the impact of words, and how they impact a dance partnership.


Leading and Following: By Keith Morris

Keith Morris examines the setup for effective Leading and Following in a dance partnership.

Anthony Hurley

The Roll of the Man in Ballroom Dancing, by Anthony Hurley

What are the qualities and priorities of an experienced male ballroom dancer? What is expected of him and what are the ultimate goals he should have acquired during his years of intense learning and practice? Some thoughts on this topic by Anthony Hurley.


General Principles and Associations, by Anthony Hurley

By Anthony Hurley Choreography: remember you cannot win long term on choreography alone. One must develop the tools of the trade as already described to be able to utilise the many beautiful figures…

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