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Viennese Waltz – PLEASE use the right music! From Michael Herdlitzka

In all (good) dancing, the character of the music will influence the performance of the dancers significantly. The “true” character of each of the ten dances is given by definition of our technique books and the tradition of teaching and performing. Therefore the use of music displaying the characteristic values of the dance concerned is essential.


Music, Speed and Story: Paso Doble By Michael Herdlitzka

By Michael Herdlitzka Quality of movement can be evaluated by the factors “contents” and “form”. Form describes how a movement looks like. Often in arts and also some sports there are rules or…


From Keith Morris “What is a Slow”

Much has been said on these pages and others regarding the timing or the lack of it these days, in Slow fox and Quickstep a slow relates to two beats and a quick one beat (4/4). But what does slow and quick mean in terms of relative time?


Holger Nitsche on Musicality

By Holger Nitsche

Is a great competitor following the actually played music in the competition? Music and movement are basically two independently excisting living art forms. 
You can either follow the music…


About Rhythm & Musicality: is it really the same?

Is having rhythm the same as being musical? Is dancing to music a physical statement? Read some of the oppinions here!

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Musicality, by Jesper Frederiksen

By Jesper Frederiksen, 2012 High level of musicality can make a profound difference to the performance of Ballroom and Latin American dancing; both as experienced by the dancer and the spectator alike. I…

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