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It Takes Two To Tango By Keith Morris

It Takes Two To Tango By Keith Morris When I was competing what now feels like 100 years ago, Tango was at one stage my worst marked dance. So I spent quite some…

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She ain’t heavy she’s my partner By Keith Morris

Many many times I have heard this from people of all levels. The cause of this I hinted at during my last article. Many articles on these pages are based from a man’s stand point. In this one I have tried to give the ladies view point as well. Normally this is on the inside of an open reverse turn i.e. an open telemark. I hinted at it in my last little bit of writing that caused a “war and peace” type debate with Benoit Papineau.


What’s in a feather step? By Keith Morris

An easy question to answer one would think. The technique books tell us

  • 1. right foot forward in CBM
  • 2. left foot forward left shoulder leading preparing to step outside partner
  • 3. right foot forward in CBMP OP
  • Pretty straight forward really, until you start to analyse the mechanics of each individual step and what a forward step means.


    From Keith Morris “What is a Slow”

    Much has been said on these pages and others regarding the timing or the lack of it these days, in Slow fox and Quickstep a slow relates to two beats and a quick one beat (4/4). But what does slow and quick mean in terms of relative time?


    Leading and Following: By Keith Morris

    Keith Morris examines the setup for effective Leading and Following in a dance partnership.


    Keith Morris: To spin or not to spin that is the question

    By Keith Morris. I have found over the years one of the most difficult steps to dance and teach is the humble spin turn. Or to be more accurate a pivot turn or…

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