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Opening cast

History of Ballroom Dancing Part I

With an All Star Cast of Ballroom Champions Thanks go to my wonderful and enthusiastic cast that made this once in a lifetime History Show-Experience possible!   Order of appearance Opening number dance:…

Foxtrot 1

Perfect 10: The foxtrot By Rachelle Stretch

The slow foxtrot is known to be one of the hardest dances to perfect in the ballroom world, because of the difficulties in mastering the technique and the co-ordination required to give the dance its character. The dance has not had a simple history either – being influenced by several dance styles and undergoing a number of transformations.

Print from Curt Sachs' "World History of the Dance"

Perfect 10: The waltz By Zoë Anderson

 This article first appeared in a series called Perfect 10 in Dance Today (www.dance-today.co.uk) The waltz is one of the oldest of ballroom dances. Across its long history, this dance has been both…

Augie and Margo 2

The Rhumba walks – American versus International, a brief history by Frank Regan

In recent years (by recent I mean anything from the sixties on) much ado regarding the difference between the Rhumba walks in American Style contrasted to that of what is now known as International Style has been a hot topic to which continuous emphasis is lent with the emergence of each new generation of dancers.


Blackpool, the dance Mecca. By Leonid Pletnev

By Leonid Pletnev “Dear friend! This time I’m writing to you from Blackpool — the dance Mecca, the sacred place for every dancer…” That was the beginning of my German friend’s letter which…

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