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Finding freedom inside the box Cuban Experience II By Sasa Pust

Do not try too hard This time, I would like to pick up where I finished my last years’ lines of the Cuban Experience blog: “The purpose of our Mission Cuban Experience was to go…

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Cuban Experience # 1 By Brigitt Mayer

Here’s my take on this beautiful experience, as it appeared in Dance Beat May 2014 Download here: Cuban Experience I Dance Beat May 2014

Three weeks in Cuba (Pierre)

Who was…Three weeks in Cuba By Monsieur Pierre 1947

This is transcribed verbatim from an article that appeared 1947 in the Star Program (provided by Keith Morris). Video material: courtesy of Paul Harris Three weeks in Cuba By Monsieur Pierre PDF of…

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Perfect 10: The cha cha cha By Marianka Swain

 This article first appeared in a series called Perfect 10 in Dance Today (www.dance-today.co.uk) If you’re looking for a sweeping romance or a grand passion, you’re better off with a waltz or a tango, but…

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