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Peter Eggleton and Anne Gleave

Peter Eggleton, on the reasons for Ballroom Dancing

Never forget that ballroom dancing was for many people on the floor, not the few, and anti-clockwise and parallel to the walls was the important and mandatory direction! It possibly seems strange to us now, but, for example, the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool employed marshalls who would ensure just that!


Competition Is Bad For Motivation, by Justin Coulson

Justin Coulson argues that competition can remove the motivation to enjoy the learning process, transferring it instead to other aspects such as the desire to win, damaging long-term commitment in the process.


Blocked by Performance Anxiety? From David Carbonell.

Information and advice for dealing with performance anxiety.

Peter Eggleton and Anne Gleave

How to Win Blackpool, by Anne Gleave

By Education Master Anne Gleave 2-Sept-2011 In 2009 I was asked to lecture at the British National Congress with a title, “How to Win Blackpool”? I thought the research and findings of the…

Richard Gleave

Richard Gleave, The Psychology of Competing

The dancer who wants to compete well and be successful must find a driving purpose, and inspired reason for winning. He must have a goal. 
 Richard Gleave shares some insights.

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