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Artistry versus Athleticism By Cassandra Valeria

While the constant desire and never-ending quest to improve is a mark of a great athlete, it is the ability to recognize, and glory in, the imperfections of the soul that is a mark of a true artist. And it is in the conscientious and carefully executed melding of artiste and athlete that the faculty and flair, the scintillating brilliance that is the Art of Dance, can be found.


From Barry Gasson: Athletes or Artists?

The competitive dance floors of the world have become battlefields where strenuous exertion is apparent in most couples, and young men seem to think that it should look difficult and you should appear to be trying and striving. So ask yourself these questions: Are you and artist or an athlete?  What is the difference?  Does it matter?


Adjudicator’s issues. From Leonid Pletnev

From  Leonid Pletnev  I made up my mind to write this series dictated by time, according to my own convictions of the necessity to express my opinion and at numerous desires of my friends…


Ballroom Dancing: Art or Sport?

Dancers weigh in on whether they think ballroom dancing is an art or a sport.

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