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Adjudication is both an important and serious job

To be an Adjudicator, by Anthony Hurley

Anthony Hurley discusses the process of adjudicating to give insight to how it should be done. Adjudicating is without doubt a very responsible, highly qualified and often daunting position. To be engaged as an adjudicator one has the confidence that the organiser of the event is also confident that your expertise, experience and honesty will give the competitors a fair crack of the whip and a result that records the dance performances seen on the day.

Anthony Hurley

Floor craft; a lost art By Anthony Hurley

It certainly does not help the performance of a couple or their immediate rivals if they keep colliding on the floor, sometimes with considerable force. The adjudicators are more impressed to see first class floor craft when accessing a couples competitive performance. This is a quality that must be addressed before someone is badly hurt.


Technique: The Common Denominator for All Dance Styles By Anthony Hurley

All disciplines must have a basic technique. Apart from giving the dancer a platform to develop from it encourages the individual to master the more advanced movements at a later stage.

Anthony Hurley

The Roll of the Man in Ballroom Dancing, by Anthony Hurley

What are the qualities and priorities of an experienced male ballroom dancer? What is expected of him and what are the ultimate goals he should have acquired during his years of intense learning and practice? Some thoughts on this topic by Anthony Hurley.


General Principles and Associations, by Anthony Hurley

By Anthony Hurley Choreography: remember you cannot win long term on choreography alone. One must develop the tools of the trade as already described to be able to utilise the many beautiful figures…

Anthony Hurley

Anthony Hurley on What’s Important in Ballroom Dancing

By Anthony Hurley In anticipation of my article requested by the WDC Education Department I have read the many interesting comments posted on the site with interest, amazement and sometimes shock. Many subjects…


Anthony Hurley on Tango

From Education Master Anthony Hurley Ever wondered why some couples have a natural aptitude for creating the atmosphere and control whilst producing the staccato action and reflex speed in anticipation of directional changes,…

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