Diagrammatic Analysis – Swing Action in Foxtrot

A Diagrammatic Representation of the Foxtrot Swing Action in the Feather Step In this detailed document, Barry Gasson provides a look at the swing action in Slow Foxtrot. Download the PDF file for…

Wally and Julie-Fan

The Hockey Stick By Barry Gasson

Another fundamental figure in Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba is the Hockey Stick Fan and Alemana, Fan and Hockey Stick. are the two commonly known movements, but where the Alemana can be taken from other…

Sylvain Lafortune-WEB

Classification of Lifts in Dance By Sylvain Lafortune

“It is important to realize that during a lift, the partners are no longer individuals but are part of a single architectural unit with a common center of gravity and a common base…

Wally and Julie-Fan

The Alemana By Barry Gasson

The Fan position with Walter and Julie Laird The Alemana is one of the most used, fundamental steps in the Rumba and the Cha-Cha-Cha. However, it is many years since I saw the…


One foot – two feet, the PLANE truth By Barry Gasson

It is generally accepted that the Ballroom Dancer lowers from an elevated position with the body held in a vertical line. That is certainly correct when the feet are together as in the…

dance bodies

How To Get A Dancer’s Body

Dancers are known for their long, lean, and muscular bodies. A lifetime of dancing and proper nutrition might get you there but what can non-dancers do to achieve similar results without years of…


What Makes Elite Ballroom Dancers Better?

Differences in dance quality among elite competitive ballroom dancers can be difficult to identify. At the championship level, what do adjudicators notice that separates top-ranked dancers from lower-ranked dancers? To answer this question,…


From conscious movement to unconscious movement By Jean Dorff

 From conscious movement to unconscious movement. By:  Jean Dorff                                  Gary Zukav, a renowned author says, “Every intention sets…

Beyond the Gold Bar

Beyond the Gold Bar, historical publication by multiple authors

Download or read here as a PDF By Frank Alback, editor Len Scivener, Josephine Bradley, Alex Moore, Len Colyer and Phyllis Haylor Beyond the Gold Bar


By Martha Harper The road Maps

By Martha Harper      The road Maps I. “Are We Having Fun Yet?” It’s all about attitude and the customer/student. You think it’s about the money? Consider, if you keep the customer…

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