1922 Amateur World Champions

Cecil Reuben and Flora Le Breton This is a real gem! The video shows Cecil and Flora right after their victory in the Amateur World Championship 1922 which was the first World Championship…

Opening cast

History of Ballroom Dancing Part I

With an All Star Cast of Ballroom Champions Thanks go to my wonderful and enthusiastic cast that made this once in a lifetime History Show-Experience possible!   Order of appearance Opening number dance:…

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About the German Professional Dancesport Association

Submitted to DanceArchives by the German Professional Dancesport Association DPV The professional competitive dancers have been organized in Germany since 1948. At that time they were part of the German Dance Teachers Association…


Who was Alex Moore MBE? By Brigitt Mayer-Karakis

Alex Moore possessed talents that made him known as “the Pope of ballroom dancing.” A great communicator with an analytical mind and photographic memory, he used those skills to analyze movement, put his findings on paper and communicate them to the dance-world in his monthly newsletter, Monthly Letter Service (MLS).

Debutante ball in Vienna

Perfect 10: The Viennese waltz By Marianka Swain

“If there exists a form of music that is a direct expression of sensuality, it is the Viennese waltz,” wrote Austrian music scholar Max Graf in 1922.

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Perfect 10: The paso doble By Marianka Swain

 This article first appeared in a series called Perfect 10 in Dance Today ( “Of all the ballroom styles, this is the one that most requires you to be an actor as well…

Print from Curt Sachs' "World History of the Dance"

Perfect 10: The waltz By Zoë Anderson

 This article first appeared in a series called Perfect 10 in Dance Today ( The waltz is one of the oldest of ballroom dances. Across its long history, this dance has been both…

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