Dancing is Thinking

AUTHOR Susanne Traub is a dramaturge, curator and writer. From 2001 to 2009, she was employed full time as a dramaturge at the Schaupiel Frankfurt. She works as free-lance a curator for interdisciplinary…


5 common mistakes we make when we learn By Jean Dorff

5 common mistakes we make when we learn (how to dance)  Whether you learn a language or a new skill some learning principles are universal. Also the mistakes we make when we study…

the role of a coach

What makes a good or effective coach? By Jean Dorff

“A good coach will make his students/athletes see what they can be, rather than what they are. ” – Ara Parasheghian   I think no one will dispute the positive effect sport plays…


WHY By Ovidiu M. Ionel

Written by Ovidiu M. Ionel “As a teacher and as a dancer I ask myself, why do I do this, why do I dance, why am I trying to lose myself, or find myself…


From conscious movement to unconscious movement By Jean Dorff

 From conscious movement to unconscious movement. By:  Jean Dorff                                  Gary Zukav, a renowned author says, “Every intention sets…


The Physics of Dance by Kenneth Law

The reduction of dance to a science ignores the aesthetic dimension and the essence of communication with an audience. As philosopher Suzanne Langer put it: “In watching a dance, you do not see…


Was genau ist Kunst? Von Sascha Pust

Von Sascha Pust, aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Sandro Hoffmann, mit freundlicher Genehmigung von „WDC Dance Archives“ Was genau ist Kunst und wann erkennen wir sie als solche? In unserer heutigen Zeit, die…


True athletes? By Atanas Malamov

By Atanas Malamov I’m neither going to ask you the well-­‐ known question nowadays: “Do you consider Ballroom dancing a sport or a form of art?” nor which decision did you take-­‐ to…


Authenticity versus Commercialism By Ekaterina Lapaeva

By Ekaterina Lapaeva Abstract In the previous article, “Authenticity versus Commercialism,” I took the initiation to portray in words an existing issue of today’s competitive dancing. Part 1 of the article was a…


What is art? By Sasha Pust

In today’s world, with all the media present, the word art is being manipulated and abused. We all know this, but still, the question remains – what is art, really?

The word art, as a translation from Latin, in the beginning meant purely the skill, the craft of being able to produce or perform a “piece”.

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