Rhythmic quality in dance is more objective than it seems By Xavier Mora

Rhythmic quality in dance is more objective than it seems Xavier Mora Professor of Applied Mathematics (Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona), former dancer and dancesport judge November 7th, 2013   Rythmic quality is universally…

Cuban Pete and Millie Donay

How the mambo became the cha-cha-cha By Patsy Holden

This article first appeared in the Examiner ( How the mambo became the cha-cha-cha and the mambo dance craze of the 50s On December 12, 1949 Perez Prado, a Cuban band leader who…


Viennese Waltz – PLEASE use the right music! From Michael Herdlitzka

In all (good) dancing, the character of the music will influence the performance of the dancers significantly. The “true” character of each of the ten dances is given by definition of our technique books and the tradition of teaching and performing. Therefore the use of music displaying the characteristic values of the dance concerned is essential.


Music, Speed and Story: Paso Doble By Michael Herdlitzka

By Michael Herdlitzka Quality of movement can be evaluated by the factors “contents” and “form”. Form describes how a movement looks like. Often in arts and also some sports there are rules or…


Homogenization: the Catalyst for Artistic Stagnation By Frank Regan

This is one of the negative aspects of human nature that “quelle surprise” has invaded the dance community.  Needless to say, it is all too obvious in the competitive dance world where all the dancers start to look the same and the fundamental character is lost as a result of an immature intention to get noticed.


About Rhythm & Musicality: is it really the same?

Is having rhythm the same as being musical? Is dancing to music a physical statement? Read some of the oppinions here!

Victor Silvester Orchestra

Victor Silvester, the father of strict tempo music By Brigitt Mayer-Karakis

Victor Silvester was instrumental in the development of British social ballroom dancing on many levels. He was one of the first recorded World champions, developing the strict tempo music that helped dancers at…

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