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Ballroom Dancing Annual 1949

This 1949 booklet is a rare find… Thank you Evelyn Hoermann for submitting it to us! The introduction is by Victor Silvester and it contains articles from Alex Moore, P.J. Richardson, and Leonard…


Jitterbug/swing/jive 1944 movie clip

This is a really fun and funny¬†film to watch! It shows moves from other dances that made their way into jitterbug and ultimately into our jive. Together with the article “From Ragtime to…

Josephine Bradley and Elsa Wells 1977 copy

Videoclip of the introduction of the jive in the UK

This is a real gem! Jo (Josephine) Bradley introducing the jive on tv in the UK. For more information on the developement of the dance and its roots also see the article “From…

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