Barbara Ambroz workshop the Cuban Experience By Sasha Pust

It took me awhile to decide wether I want to go to Cuba to finally see and get a taste of the “Real Thing”, or not, but once I decided, I just knew…

dance bodies

How To Get A Dancer’s Body

Dancers are known for their long, lean, and muscular bodies. A lifetime of dancing and proper nutrition might get you there but what can non-dancers do to achieve similar results without years of…


Devotion to the motion suggest e-motion By Ruud Vermeij

Devotion to the motion suggest e-motion By Ruud Vermeij One of the pitfalls/problems in Latin American Competitive dancing is the tendency to emphasise the “narrative” element of a couple dancing together. The “male…


Perfect 10: The jive By Rachelle Stretch

It may be the last but it is by no means the least. One of the fastest and most energetic dances, the jive developed throughout the 20th century and has been influenced by numerous different styles, which are reflected in the choreography danced today.


What’s in a name? By David Outevsky

What’s in a name? A brief review of the validity and authenticity of Latin American dances’ names in ballroom dancing. David Outevsky MSc, PhD Candidate York University, Toronto (February 2013)   Ballroom ‘Latin’…

The Rumberos de Cuba music and dance troupe

Perfect 10: The rumba By Alison Gallagher-Hughes

 This article first appeared in a series called Perfect 10 in Dance Today ( It’s a dance that has constantly evolved amidst a tussle of tradition, authenticity and innovation. Like most of its Latin brethren,…


Music, Speed and Story: Paso Doble By Michael Herdlitzka

By Michael Herdlitzka Quality of movement can be evaluated by the factors “contents” and “form”. Form describes how a movement looks like. Often in arts and also some sports there are rules or…


Donnie Burns M.B.E on Technique

Brilliance of fundamental principles will only ever allow more power, more speed, more options better balance and a much more commanding presence and performance as an inherent part of dance.


Technique, Riccardo & Yulia

If you don’t have a clear picture of what your dance should look like in four dimensional space, you will most likely produce a muddled image regardless of your technical skills. And, if you can’t execute, you will not be able to breathe life into the beautiful picture floating in your head.


Thoughts on Technique by Alan and Hazel Fletcher

Alan and Hazel Fletcher We totally understand the necessity of a technique book as a guide for all. We have never been slaves to all within the book; we believe the predominance is…

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