Changing the name JUDGE? By Massimo Giorgianni

I think the dancing field has to start considering the change of the name JUDGE.
Maybe this change will slowly make a difference in the relationship between the Dancers and the “Judge”.
This view needs to be softer and give the feeling from the point of view of the dancers. The feeling of not BEING JUDGED, but a feeling that what he/she will do will be ESTIMATED. It means that this has a chance to change, and are not final marks.
Words make difference in people, as you know. And this change I believe will improve the dancing world.
Also from a judges point of view it will take away this feeling of SUPERIORITY and slowly change towards a sense of AUTHORITY.
Imagine if in dancing, the dancers would have the believe that in every competition they have, there is a possibility to change their result, either positively or not. This would be fantastic! The performance level would improve so much, and the energy in the competition would change as a result. This little change of the name as a start. We don’t know if it will work or not, but if we don’t try we will never know.
  • judge is equal to absolute
  • valuer/estimator is equal to momentary
Massimo Giorgianni
                                      VALUER / ESTIMATOR
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