World Professional Championships, 1960

Results of the World Professional Championships of 1960, held in Berlin, Germany

  1. Bill & Bobie Irvine, SA
  2. Wim Voeten & Jeanne Assman, NL
  3. Siegfried & Anneliese Krehn, D
  4. Demond Ellison & Eileen Rutherford, UK
  5. Roger & Micheline Ronnaux, F
  6. Rudolf Trautz & Inge Schmidt, D
  1. Roger & Micheline Ronnaux, F
  2. Bill & Bobbie Irvine, SA
  3. Gerhard & Minnerl Sandner, A
  4. Paul & Betty Doorme, B
  5. Desmond Ellison & Eileen Rutherford, UK
  6. Rudolf Trautz & Inge Schmidt, D
Brigitt Mayer-Karakis is the author of the award winning book "Ballroom Icons", and chief archivist for the WDC Dance History project.
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